Arreglo Consulting

About Us

Arreglo Healthcare Services is a US-based staffing company that provides provide 360-degree staffing solution. We try to follow the best process which is suitable for the needs of our client with qualified and experienced reviewer, recruiters and examiners we try to provide best fit for the position. Our review process involves a qualified reviewer to check consultants fit with the requirement.


Our main focus is to provide you best and complete solution. We are new and innovative company our strength is our team and our approach. We strive hard to follow process and deliver exceptional services to our customers.

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Arreglo Consulting


In our recruitment process we have incorporated maximum transparency and we share with our customer regular updates on recruitment, Our internal review of candidates, management and other issues of interest.

For sourcing our approach is multisource and multimethod based. We not only use different portal, our own database & ATS but also use multiple social networking sites to find the right fit with-in minimum time frame.

Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners
Medical Directors
Non-Clinical Healthcare Professionals
Physicians & Physician Assistant
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